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Coinbase joins Pinterest in doing right by employees - Fortune

To my knowledge, not a single some other main startup did the particular same. Right now what's everyone else waiting for?

In March we wrote about how exactly Pinterest had designed a main move inside the interest regarding employee justice, permitting workers using a minimum of 2 years of support to retain vested stock selections for approximately seven many years following departure (voluntary as well as not), rather than the traditional 90 days. My guess is the real fact that they'll in addition figure out some thing for present employees who desire to move on, however this is actually a bit trickier from a regulatory perspective. This specific has been a big offer simply because many tech startup workers are heavily compensated through stock options, but an individual are forced to either exercise as well as shed vested alternatives upon departure -- something which not merely requires enough money to purchase the options, but also to end up being able to pay the onerous tax bill.

Coinbase, a digital wallet company that has raised more than $100 million throughout VC funding, these days will announce a similar program for first time employees (i.e., those joining this month and onward).

Kudos for you to Coinbase for carrying out right simply by its employees. Well, until today.. "One candidate even pointed out the Pinterest factor on the phone beside me in the program of an interview, as well as mentioned he by simply no means once again desired to function for any business which locked him in."

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Here had been the particular concluding line: "The large question now's if additional Silicon Valley 'unicorns' will follow Pinterest's lead."

"This is actually a lot more meaningful pertaining to employees when compared with giving all of them something comparable to totally free massages," says Coinbase co-founder along with CEO Brian Armstrong, which says he had been influenced by the Pinterest decision.

The fundamental answer was... Coinbase at present features about 100 employees, and also plans to include at least yet another 25 more than the actual next year.

Armstrong adds which simply no present Coinbase employee had agitated for your change, however he became a lot more conscious of the actual "golden handcuffs" issue when wanting to recruit using his or her company startups. nope

08 Agos 2015
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Pack of dogs sculpture on Portland waterfront drawing crowds, raves - Press Herald

The pack associated with dogs may end up being the talk in the waterfront.

Rosen appreciates the particular reaction.

But here his objective can be to have individuals to think about their own environment and the way "organic communities" easily in shape into and also survive. "It's lived within my mind in a few manner regarding some time, and also now it's here."

"Oh my god," stated Debbie Woodbury of Gorham, whom made a trip to start to see the dogs after a pal suggested it. "It's silly, nevertheless I wasn't expecting this," he said, noting that a designer really desires is surely an audience.

The dogs appear for you to be wolves, yet Rosen says they're not. He's lived together with all of them a extended time as well as feels protective. Rosen arranged these to appear being a pack about the move. Along With by the majority of accounts, it succeeds.

Rosen continues for you to be contemplating these dogs with regard to years. Whilst the actual seven dogs are bolted in position on the pier, that they move just a little bit, specifically their particular tails in the breeze. Rosen ended up being thinking about creating specific, lifelike gestures, and also required assist constructing your dogs in order to attain his goal.

Twitter: pphbkeyes

Rosen received a $5,000 grant from the Kindling Fund, administered by simply SPACE Gallery, to make the particular sculpture. "They appear so scary."

He worked using a nearby lobsterman in order to transport and put your dogs. A Couple Of are usually perched atop single pilings, as if ready to be able to launch themselves to the water. An engineering friend, Karl Pepin, assisted solve style questions. From age group 40, certainly not significantly features changed.

And he likes the pack is elusive. It will probably be officially unveiled from 3 p.m. Rosen usually works with each other with animal images. Installed final weekend, the actual temporary sculpture involves seven lifelike dogs which Rosen created along with positioned about the dilapidated pier on Portland's eastern waterfront, just beyond Ocean Gateway.

Bob Keyes could be contacted from 791-6457 or:

Andy Rosen's 'Unpack' sculpture near Ocean Gateway will be meant to look elusive, instilling fear and also awe in exactly your same time. Saturday, however the ceremony will feel anticlimactic. He sees these people as an amalgamation regarding dog and wolf.

During the particular hail, wind and also rain earlier this week, Rosen drove over through South Portland for you to watch more than the particular pack, which in turn will probably be about view straight into November. He concerned with his or her well-being. This is the identical thing, he said.

Growing up, Andy Rosen enjoyed playing with motion figures. The Actual other individuals are gathered on the pier, searching toward your mainland, which can easily be just several feet away.

[email protected]

He thinks your roots of this project go back again for you to his childhood, when he arranged superhero figures for play. A Couple Of years ago, he constructed a black bear at the community Recycling center in Scarborough, utilizing materials scavenged at the landfill. "At first, I thought these folks were real.". He furthermore likes which small trees and patches of moss tend to be developing upon it, which speaks to the adaptive quality associated with nature.

He built your dogs with PVC and fake fur, which usually he painted and distressed to look weathered. the animals are usually out of reach, however seem ready to end up being able to bound the gulf involving the pier and in addition the concrete seawall, instilling worry along with awe in the same time.

Since Rosen installed his sculpture last weekend, your mangy hounds possess drawn spectators - and also raves. He chose the pier with regard to a couple of reasons. "Part associated with me can be available using them," he said.

Rosen, any South Portland artist, will be turning heads with his installation "Unpack" at the former Grand Trunk railroad pier. "Some variation of this really is something I possess desired to perform a extended time," he said. It's within falling-down condition, which usually speaks in order to its temporary nature. In Which piece received any great deal of attention, as well.

"It catches you off guard," said Alan Potthoff of Scarborough, whom snapped off a number of photographs earlier this week

08 Agos 2015
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Is streaming a threat to music? Not if musicians have anything to do with it - Los Angeles Times

The recordings may wind up upon streaming sites also but using the notes providing the track record music crucial context and, besides at Tidal, inside severely compressed sound.

Teng Li, the principal violist in the Toronto Symphony, got considering exactly what the viola landscape has been just like in 1939, the year Hindemith wrote one of the greater crucial sonatas on the woman's behalf instrument. Your reasons, however, with regard to the low streaming regular are, these days, commercial (it's cheaper to utilize much less bandwidth and significantly more convenient), not technical.

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AC/DC ends streaming resistance as Apple music launches

But Tidal is clean as well as effective and effective. Many seem minor. Your "box" won't disappear completely completely, as the resurgence involving vinyl shows.

This reminds us that many that became obsessed along with music would therefore as record collectors. That's in which in turn the creativity and caring lies. Early results declare that with high resolution, the particular brain's emotional activity will be the identical as together with are living music, while less dopamine, the chemical powering such pleasures as sex, can be released when the music files are extremely compressed. the catalog isn't fairly as deep as Tidal's larger competitors, nevertheless the selection is actually nonetheless comprehensive in all genres. As Well frequently the track record music became for collectors the particular physical object to be listened towards the same manner more than and over again, freezing your musical experience. Streaming isn't any exception.

The difference matters. Right now which Apple is involved, what had been a roaring river is about to end up being able to become a flood.

Michael Tilson Thomas' "Masterpieces throughout Miniature" with the Bay Area Symphony is actually filled with tiny pieces. Neuroscientists are starting to appear at how a mind responds in order to compressed mp3s as opposed for the higher-resolution digital. Slow because they are already capture on, high-resolution audio downloads are generally huge improvements over the actual CD standard.

Ryan Adams can be promising to show Taylor Swift's '1989' in to end up being able to a Smiths album

Copyright © 2015, Los Angeles times

There's your sound quality. Pertaining To all of their access to huge libraries of recorded music, the particular solutions seem designed for dummies. Your compressed mp3 tracks absence existence and also immediacy. The Particular concern is actually not only inequity however a threat towards the funding required to generate music. the BBC just lately reported which inside the 1st 6 regarding several weeks associated with 2015, streaming was up 80% over 2014 within the U.K., historically one of the most vibrant music markets. That's the case with Janice Weber's "Seascapes," a new recital involving watery piano songs that includes an earlier Impressionist work by the French Russian Marcelle de Manziarly, whom became a new contemporary and pal involving Aaron Copland along with that lived your ex final many years inside Ojai, dying within 1989.

There can be real play-listing going upon now using CDs. The terrible year, your German composer was around the verge of immigrating in order to America, along with Li provides surrounded Hindemith's Viola Sonata using a moving collection regarding works by two much less fortunate Jewish Czech composers -- Viktor Ullmann and Gideon Klein -- who died within Auschwitz; any score by simply Joseph Jongen whom fled in order to England once the Nazis arrived in Belgium; along along with a short piece by simply Hua Yanjun through Li's native China, furthermore war-torn inside 1939.

Pianists lately tend to occur on leading of intriguing thematic collections that frequently consist of obscure pieces and/or composers worth attention. Your riches of the musical libraries available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play music and also Amazon Prime Audio offer the type of musical access unimaginable just a few years ago. The Particular level of sonic compression employed about the new Apple Music, for instance, creates the audio equivalent of your genetically modified store Macintosh in which lacks authentic flavor and also texture. With Regard To your highest-quality sound, which may be CD-equivalent, any subscription can be $19.99, double what the others charge. if I lost my entire CD collection along with had just Tidal, I would miss much, however it wouldn't be a tragedy.

Where streaming will eventually lead us, we can't know. Yet the assortment is so private as well as the performances are generally consequently exquisitely pointed out that the effect is actually like a Joseph Cornell box, making even the particular trivial transcendent.

So finished . in order to don't forget in the large event it arrives for the progress of art (and in order to technology): never follow the money, follow the artists. Nevertheless in the event you wish to understand what dozens of curious figures are around the Kronos Quartet's sublimely eclectic "A Thousand Quartets," you'll need the particular physical CD. Whenever my free regarding charge three-month trial can be over, I'll gladly subscribe. every very poor thing anybody has actually mentioned regarding streaming is probably true. With Out Tilson Thomas' private booklet note or even the fabulous audio of this recording within high resolution you miss your magic.

I could go on. Rare, moreover, is it in which anyone beneath 14 has at virtually any time expended any nickel in recorded music.

So what's to be completed to stop streaming via turning right directly into a high-tech tsunami wasting the musical landscape? A New lot.

Another grievance is the degree to end up being able to that specialness will get removed coming from recordings when streamed. trust your artists.

Talk in order to recording artists, record collectors or perhaps various other music mavens, and they will count your ways streaming threatens in order to decimate music while they understand and also adore it.

The final days of Mötley Crüe. Songs lovers have been dreaming associated with one thing this sci-fi with regard to centuries.

Then there's that will highly contentious business model. Moreover, a $39.95 app just introduced by the digital audio website Sonic Studio almost all yet bridges your gap. the Arditti Quartet did some thing similar with more Modernist audio in its new "The Rest Will Be Silence: Songs in our Time." The Particular Keller Quartet strings slow string quartet actions together within its meaningfully meditative "Cantante e Tranquillo."

The box is definitely an analogy in which holds. Tidal promotes pop (after all, it's Jay Z's site), but essentially you must do your personal analysis then search. Yet your fetishizing associated with recordings offers usually also had its downside. Just About All the aforementioned web sites use mp3s regarding different sizes, even your best offering merely a fraction with the musical details available on a CD, that itself continues for you to be from date to obtain a decade. Bluetooth, as with dentistry, signifies decay.

It consequently happens which for every one regarding the menace, at least a number of of what is considered in favor of streaming can in addition be true. With least for pop, Apple has brought inside well-informed DJs, as well as the occasional real artist, to make playlists. on the actual largest services, it's perfectly awful. As Well often, algorithms, not people, create playlists. The Actual streaming websites give only the title, certainly not composer. Yet let's quit here.

No 1 is actually likely to reverse your direction associated with this strong current. you avoid getting CD notes.

The issue along with sound quality can be easily surmountable. About surface of that, the particular widespread wireless means of accessing streamed content limits the amount regarding crucial songs information. Main artists are usually handled the strategies by which your 1700s royalty treated musicians -- as any possible indentured class. Not Necessarily just do you acquire sound which is many occasions far better but the web site getting artist-owned is more responsible inside its payment model for the musicians.

The some other way artists tend to be fighting again will be by making their own own, much better playlists. Currently every time you pay focus to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony it may be one thing newish as well as different, together with countless interpretations easily available.

While it will make the obligatory tips to such as the songs anyone already like, Tidal doesn't egregiously drag listeners around by the nose such as musical infants, forcing you to 1st agree to that that an individual are straight into before you can start listening, as Apple does. Such As nuclear power, it may always be used for that benefit of society as well as as a means for apocalypse. I found that CDs, played with just about all the identical digital processing equipment, do nevertheless outshine Tidal hi-fi, nevertheless the distinction isn't extreme. That provides CD-quality streams. Occasionally a person need, otherwise the container, at least the actual context. Interestingly, young artists are fighting streaming by simply releasing CDs together with refreshing and unusual applications like a way of obtaining noticed. Yet you get everything you pay for. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley or perhaps Swedish middlemen frolic with most the 1%. Nor tend to be smartphones really smart once they signal onto streaming sites, since you never get the album notes as well as frequently not even basic details, for example composer or even performer in the piece, regarding everything you are usually hearing.

One instance can be Tidal, a support begun throughout Scandinavia this past year and recently acquired simply by rapper Jay Z. As Well As if you want radio, why not try the particular BBC, the greatest radio which the world has at any kind of time identified (although at present beneath threat in the David Cameron administration), which truly streams at a higher sampling charge as compared to Apple uses.

While the actual trend just isn't new, generating intriguing connections among any wide mix involving audio has become commonplace amongst inquiring performers, and additionally the access streaming provides can be clearly opening vistas regarding them. Every little Thing depends upon that is within control. but as Mikael Wood wrote within Your times last month, it is precisely what we used to call radio

07 Agos 2015
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Crews contain ammonia leak at Poland Spring bottling plant - WCSH-TV

Both had been treated and released.

Fire crews from the actual three major communities had been in the flower as well as unique response teams had been called in to use and discover the actual source of the leak along with shut it down.  Late Thursday afternoon, the plant was handed your just about all obvious along with employees had been allowed again within the building.. Thursday.

In a statement Poland Spring stated almost all regarding its h2o currently in the marketplace had been unaffected through the ammonia leak and is safe to drink.

Nearly 1 hundred employees were evacuated. Poland Fire Chief Mark Bosse stated a new relief valve release along with ammonia leaked to the ventilation system.

Read or even Reveal this story:

Two employees reported headaches as well as were taken to Central Maine medical center being evaluated. Hazmat(Photo: NEWS CENTER)

POLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Production in the Poland Spring bottling plant inside Poland had been shut down most of your day following an ammonia leak had been detected at the guarana plant with 10:30 a.m

07 Agos 2015
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Sell Out? Royal Caribbean Executives Sell Stock For Over $14000000 After ... - Cruise Law News

Richard's profession could imply just one (thing): that he's a pessimist when it concerns the Firm's potential customers as well as its stock cost.". I presume that the executives believed that it was time to cash out and also place some even more millions in their accounts before the reality appears..

The trip lines has actually likewise been slammed for minimizing the fire, claiming that it was just a "tiny fire" which was had in the lower mechanical areas and it was swiftly snuffed out, all patently false declarations as we have actually shown in video clip and photos. Did the executives put their economic interests ahead of traveler and also Royal Caribbbean Freedom of the Seas Firestaff safety? Absolutely they did, in my opinion..

Fascinated in this issue? Review Cruise line Executive Richard Fain Strikes it rich Again.

Fain & & business hoodwinked the public with the "small fire" scam. On July 31, 2015, the shares had rallied to one year high of $90.88 compared with a one year short on October 15, 2014 of $52.32.

A little over 10 days previously Royal Caribbean's Flexibility of the Seas break into flames as the trip ship approached Falmouth, Jamaica. Lots of passengers, team participants and maritime professionals think that the fire may have begun as a result of the instillation of a scrubber system on the cruise line ship and also the welding procedure to achieve the job. The pictures and also first hand monitorings by the team confirm that the fire destroyed the insulation around the exhaust pile and also this offered a grave potential risk to the ship's travelers and workers..

Exactly what do these execs truly consider the stock worth now that the fire is out and the cruise ship line has evaded, up until now, a promotion fall-out? One expert claimed that "Mr. President as well as Chief Operating Officer Adam Goldstein marketed 4,184 shares at at $91.08 per share for a complete worth of $381,094.19. Royal Caribbean's General Counsel and Principal Conformity Officer Bradley Stein marketed 2,402 shares of the company stock for for a complete value of $218,748.70. This ship never should have cruised on without a rigorous inspection after the fire.

My opinion is that the Royal Caribbean cruise ship execs effectively deceived the general public concerning the fire in order to maintain the stock's improved speed. The business shares have rallied 46.38 % in the past year. The ship burned for one as well as one-half hours and also damaged all of the insulation around the exhaust pile from the bottom deck to the fifteen deck. Altogether, these expert investors sold $14,249,993 of business stock.

Have a believed? Leave a message here or sign up with the conversation on our Facebook web page..

Photo Credit: Base - Facebook.

If the executives had actually closed the ship down in Jamaica for the obligatory SOLAS examination, this would certainly have caused tens of countless dollars invested by the company on lodging, air travel of all passengers back to Miami and also cruise refunds to over 4,000 individuals which would have had a product unfavorable result on the business's stock. The pictures clearly show that the ship endured major damage. Making matter worse, the cruise line ship cruised onto the following port without a post-fire assessment by the flag state (Bahamas) or the category culture. Royal Caribbean is not claiming, certainly..

Royal Caribbean Cruise StockThe other day, Royal Caribbean chairman Richard Fain offered 151,032 shares of his cruise line's stock for $13,650,151 at an ordinary cost of $90.40 a share.

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